Practical information & Internation game rules.

Tournament rules

  1. All matches last 1 x 20 minutes, no change of sides.
  2. A team that does not field eight players before the start of the match will forfeit the game 0-5 score
  3. Teams are mixed, each team fielding at least three females for the full duration of the match.
  4. Goalies (if present) will use full gear (including head protection).
  5. Players defending the goal without full goalie gear will not be granted goalie priviliges
  6. Start and Finish of the games will be signalled by the tournament’s main referee to each match referee, these will start and end matches
  7. If a game starts with a delay, no matter the cause, this time will not be added to the match. Matches not played cannot be recuperated during the tournament.
  8. Match referee’s will pass on scores to the main referee at the end of each match.
  9. Match points win : 3 points / draw : 1 point / los : 0 points.
  10. The maximum amount of male players on field is five, if insufficient females are present that side will play with less than eight players.
  11. At a draw for one or more teams, the winner is decided via the following rules
    1. Most matches won. If the same, than
    2. Highest scoring difference. If the same, than
    3. Goals scored. If the same, than
    4. Result of the qualifying match. If the same, than
    5. Decision by Tournament lead
  12. Referee’s call are to be respected
  13. Tournament lead decides on everything not covered here.
  14. Participation is on own risk
  15. The referee”s will adhere to the following rules:
    1. Hitting a ball is not allowed, just push
    2. Every bal higher than the knee is a foul
    3. There will be a mark from where you can score
    4. Corners and penalty corners do not exist.
    5. A goalkeeper is not mandatory. If there is one, he/she should wear full protection

House rules

  1. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks into the grounds, use of drugs is not allowed. The organisation or its personnel will confiscate any products not allowed. In case of drugs the organization will notify the local police!
  2. By order of the police, it is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages throughout the park of Brasschaat on the day of the event. Police will carry out inspections and confiscate any alcohol.
  3. Participation is at own risk.
  4. Participants must be at least 16 years old.